‘Whatever’ sweater



Hi dearest,

Hope you had a lovely week! Today I had ‘sister’ day with my sister and that means a whole lot of shopping, haha. I am considering to make a haul any time soon, but making a video really requires time. We will see…








I LOVE running shoes, they are so comfy, simple and sturdy. I was extremely happy when I bought these last Monday.

Today I was having a bad hair day, so yes the hair wrap was my lifesaver (yes yes, I am exaggerating again haha). But what is my outfit, without some popping colors? Thus, I decided to wear this clutch (Which my best friend gave me for my birthday)

One more thing: Life is beautiful


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  1. Gaaf, lekker die knal kleurtjes samen. Toffe stijl heb je! x Chantal


  2. Ah, wat ontzettend leuk dat je een zussendag had. Vind het ook altijd ontzettend leuk om samen met mijn zus iets te gaan doen. Je trui is ook echt héél tof. Lekker stoer!

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