Positive vibes, happy life



Hi dearest,

Happy Valentinesday! Did you enjoy your day with your lover and/or beloved ones?








As you may have noticed, I am wearing three types of prints: my cardigan, my shirt and my shoes.  I like the effect of the three prints all together in an outfit. It makes the look playful, cheerful and less casual.

When I saw the ‘London’ Necklace in the shop, I immediately fell in love with. I did not really know how to combine it, but I knew that I was going to have an ‘áhá’. Today’s look remembered me about the London street style. Consequently, I knew what necklace to wear!


“But girl, where did you got that outfit from?”

“I got the:

– sweater from Primark

– shirt from Vero Moda

– legging from H&M

– boots from the Clarks store

– sunglasses from the Sunglass hut

– jewelry from London Revival

– hat from Primark”


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