The girl with the hat


Hi dearest,

Who has two thumbs and loves wearing hats? This girl!

At first I thought that it would be impossible for me to wear hats, since I have a bunch of curls. However, I figured some ways to wear my hats. In this case I put my hair in a high ponytail and placed the hole of the hat on top of my ponytail.

07-02-2015_01  07-02-2015_3

07-02-2015_03 07-02-2015-1





I cannot wait for spring and summer! I like winter when it is not snowing, hailing and raining.  I cannot wait to rock off-white outfit and purchase some lace-up heels. Mmm…Spring, I will meet you within a month!


But girl, where did you get that outfit from?

“I got the:

-Jacket from a random shop

-Sweater from H&M

-Skirt from H&M

-Shoes from a random shop

-Bag from Sacha

-Hat from Primark”


Add yours →

  1. Great outfit:) Your coat is fantastic:)

  2. He dat herken ik, Zuidplein haha!
    Je ziet er prachtig uit, vooral je jas is erg mooi!

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