My lovely hat


Hi dearest,

I bought this hat in California at Forever 21. This hat is definitely a piece of clothing with lots of memories. When I went to Los Angeles I wanted to have the gypsy look and thus I bought this one. I have not been wearing it often, since I have lots of hair!






So what made me try this hat? The curls out of my hair and I wanted to hide it. What is a better solution than a hat haha? When looking in the mirror I noticed that the hat is a very important component of this outfit. It cheers my grey look up!

I also did the hair of Bebe in a pony tail. The poor, little fella can barely see with all those hair hanging in front of his eyes. Thus, he gets all excited when we  comb his hair and put it in a bun. This time he was distracted by a cat walking by.


“But girl where did you got that outfit from?”

I got the:

– The jacket from a random shop

– The white top from H&M

– The jeans from Only

– The boots from Primark

– The hat from Forever 21

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