Turban and sunglasses in 2015


Hi dearest,

I wish you an amazing, healthy and successful 2015!

I decided to continue my blog using WordPress domain, because my friend and I had great experiences with our blog (Curls n Lashes).





2014 was an amazing year for me. I studied in Chico, California and I traveled to Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Francisco. I met wonderful people and I gained lots of intercultural knowledge. In June I got the amazing news that I was employed by Unilever as an intern. A couple of weeks ago I got a temporary position within the company, isn’t this great?

When it comes to blogging I had great experiences. I was interviewed by Naturallycurly.com and I also had the opportunity to write an article for them. Words cannot express how thankful I am for these opportunities.

Also, I started my own fashionblog and I feel blessed to have great experiences and interactions with readers who reached out to me! Thank you for your support and love!

Lastly, My friend and I started a blog called CurlsNLashes, which enabled me to develop beauty related experiences. I enjoy every minute of working on the blog.

Thank you!


“But girl, where did you get that outfit from?”

I got:
– The jacket from a random shop
– The shirt from H&M
– The legging from H&M
– The heels from Tango (bought it in 2011)
– The scarf from ONLY (bought it in 2012)
– The bag from VILA


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